performance with VR and spoken word

approx. 20 min, 2019

(scroll for screenshots & documentation)

How does somebody stay in and out of touch with (matter)realities that are split by oceans, with differences and systemic violence, optical fibers and memory loss, and emotions that derive from and pertain to borders? Reinterpreting the affects that permeate their experience of gender and migration, Vita collaborates with artist and developer Javier Damonte to construct Unwound’s VR environment: a virtual motherland. 

The performance work combines intuitive writing, spoken word, and VR. Using the common potential of these mediums for creating immersive narratives that are only enabled through embodiment, the emotional environment can in turn be collectively inhabited. Strangers become familiar. Bodies, memories, affect, hardware, and digital technologies transit through one another. Introduced by the recorded voice of a future Self, the speaker investigates how their intimate world experiences, attend to the possibility of alliances of solidarity amongst 'phenomenal creatures', who are beings that, under the current configuration of the world, are in many different ways being wounded. 

Previously shown at the Eye Filmmuseum, Frascati Theater, Lost & Found, Korzo Theater, and Butcher's Tears, in The Netherlands. Previous versions include

performance with Karin Iturralde, Carly Rose Bedford, M. Maria Walhout, Jinan Vyent and Cailin Kuit.